Tactics Selection Tool

The Tactics Selection Tool supports a performance-based, outcome-focused approach to selecting tactics. It comprises five steps.

Issue & Goal

Clarify ‘why’ you are communicating by determining:
– The issue you wish to address through communication.
– What you want to achieve with that communication.

Measurable Communication Objective(s)

To achieve the communication goal, set measures for:
– Who you need to communicate with
– What needs to shift
– By when that shift needs to be achieved

Communication Channels

Determine the required mix of face-to-face, electronic and print communications 
in order to achieve your communication goal.

Tactical Shifts

Establish the shift(s) your communication needs to effect in the target audience to achieve the communications goal. The shift may be from non-awareness to understanding, or from disengagement to high performance. Plan these as a sequence of step-changes.


Select suitable tactics to achieve the required shifts in the target audience as noted in the preceding column.
 This sequence of tactics is ‘how’ you achieve your communication goal.

Tactics Layout Guide

All of the Tactics pages are laid out in a simple easy to use page, each heading is there for the following use.

Overview: Definition to clarify what the designated name refers to as well as a short overview.

This tactic is useful for: To provide you with suggested applications for the tactic.

Things to consider: This includes a list of points for consideration regarding the tactics use.

Helpful tip: This shares some lessons learned.

Helpful Tip

For insights into the three primary communication channels the 111 tactics are divided into Electronic, Face-to-face & Print channels. Each channel is represented by an icon, there’s an overview of each channel as well as more information on their corresponding pages.