Overview – Wikis

Wiki is publishing software that allows many users to simultaneously create, revise, add to and edit online content directly from their browser in real-time (‘wiki’ is Hawaiian for ‘quick’). Wikis facilitate the free flow of information through voluntary contribution of employees’ knowledge. Wikis provide a simple and flexible repository for information sharing and collaboration across a large number of individuals or employee groups. Wikis enable both the content, and the organisation of that content, to be edited without fear of losing old information or over-writing good information. An example of wiki publishing software includes Google documents and Confluence.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Sharing knowledge across business divisions, units or teams that previously resided in discrete systems or in individual files.
Communicating best practices, guidelines, resources, tools, research, case studies, post-implementation reviews and methodologies.
Enabling collaboration across dispersed teams through access to, and editing of, shared information.
Managing large and complex projects.
Organising information and archiving contributions.
Information sharing during a crisis or other fast-changing situation.

cloudyThings to consider:


Establish the business needs by asking employees what problems a wiki could help them with.
Decide who can create or contribute to a wiki article and who will be responsible for managing the wiki.
Consider the implications if wiki content is not correct or up to date and set permission controls and notification settings accordingly.
Define the terms of use and publishing standards for the different types of content e.g. company policies vs news content.
Maximise a wiki’s value to the organisation by encouraging a broad spectrum of employees to add and edit content.
Encourage the free-flow and serendipitous nature of wikis by allowing the content to grow in unexpected directions with participants organising the content and navigation.
Publicise positive results from wiki collaboration to foster ongoing and greater use by employees.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Plan and execute strategies to drive adoption beyond the early adopters. Ensure that wikis are ‘find-able’ with search and that the latest content is visible.
Check out www.wiki.com for general information about wikis, including tools and search information.
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