Overview – Websites

Websites are a collection of informational web pages. They can comprise text, images, videos or other digital assets. Website pages are logically connected according to the users’ communication needs with a consistent look and feel that reflect the organisation’s brand.

Corporate websites serve to define an organisation’s point of differentiation − its ‘unique selling point’. They are a means of communicating primarily with external audiences, such as customers and shareholders. They also function as an important employee communication tactic by Articulating the organisation’s employment brand, providing financial information to employees who are shareholders and reinforcing alignment of the external and internal brands by complementing the intranet with a similar look and feel, and consistency of key corporate messages.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Disseminating the organisation’s vision, values and strategy to employees.
Communicating a compelling employment brand to attract prospective employees for possible recruitment in the future.
Posting job vacancies to recruit new employees.
Promoting the organisation’s graduate program.

cloudyThings to consider:


Consider ways to use the website to attract and recruit employees or graduates, including the following:

Clear articulation of the corporate values to attract the right calibre of people whose values align with the organisations.
A statement about the advantages of working for the organisation in language that resonates with the people you wish to attract. This requires an understanding of what is important to those people.
A special section for employees to access remotely when they do not have access to the intranet. Confidential information should be password-protected.
An employment section listing available positions with instructions on how to apply for jobs or submit a résumé.
A comprehensive overview of the organisation’s graduate program (if applicable) including photos and interviews with graduates who have already participated in the program.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Invite employees to submit their photos and perspectives on the organisation for posting on the website. Presenting the ‘human face’ of an organisation via the corporate website gives prospective employees, as well as customers, shareholders and suppliers, insights into the organisation’s employee-related dynamics.
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