Overview – Webcasts

Webcasts are the transmission of live or pre-recorded presentations via the internet or intranet to any PC connected to the internet/intranet. Webcasts communicate information directly to employee groups of any size in multiple locations via a range of features, including audio, video, graphics, chat-style text, PowerPoint presentations and online polling. Viewers may simultaneously watch and listen to speakers, view slide presentations, ask questions, and follow web links for more information. To do this, they require access to a PC equipped with the necessary audio and video capabilities.

Webcasts are a cost-effective communication tactic because they use existing telephony infrastructure (i.e. broadband used for internet connections).

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Conducting virtual conference and seminar presentations.
Making major announcements.
Unveiling new products or services.
Introducing and/or raising leaders’ profiles across diverse locations.
Training purposes.


cloudyThings to consider:


Determine whether you will produce webcasts internally in your own studio, or externally via a production house that provides video-streaming services. Establish whether the webcast will be transmitted live or pre-recorded. A live webcast is broadcast as the event happens in real time. The viewer must watch the webcast at the scheduled time. A pre-recorded webcast is archived in a central location (usually the internet or intranet) and can be viewed at a time of the viewer’s choosing:

Plan ways to respond to online questions and comments..
Make the webcast communication effective by choosing good speakers, co-ordinating the content providers and designing PowerPoint slides suitable for a small screen.
Load webcast content into a streaming server and link to the internet or intranet.
Archive your library of video content on the intranet for future webcasting as required.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Ensure your organisation has a bandwidth connection that will support multiple streaming to the target audience. Both live and pre-recorded webcasts can be set up.
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