Overview – Video Brochures

Video Brochures – Imagine a physical brochure…that you open up to find a video playing! Video Brochures are a fusion of print and video-screen technology. If you are trying to communicate your message to your target audience in a unique and engaging way, LCD screen Video Brochures are a modern and effective solution. a.k.a. Video Books, Video Folder, Video Mailer, Video Point of Sale  & Video Greeting Cards. Video Brochures are completely customizable to fit your needs. All your information, in a single card, booklet, folder, box…and then your video, with various screen sizes and controls. It’s a great alternative to only a website or just a plain brochure. Good for presenting new products, TV/Film productions, presentations, sales & marketing aids, and more!

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


 Conveying meaning that can’t be displayed in text. For example, credibility, conviction and passion are more effectively conveyed visually.
 As a substitute for face-to-face communications (e.g. for people you cannot directly connect with)
 Consolidating lots of information into a short update.
 Employee training and induction.
 Great for product launches as a takeaway
 Presenting complex theories, especially highly visual ones

cloudyThings to consider:


 Be clear about the objectives and main message of each video.
 Should filming and/or editing be undertaken in-house or outsourced?
 Lead times when sourcing from overseas (China is the main sourcing market)
 Who will design the outside of the brochure – specs are usually provided
 Look at cost per unit, this usually comes down considerably if your order is larger
 Are you able to manually switch out the videos yourself if the need arises

Tone BulbHelpful tip:

When ordering video brochures it often makes sense to purchase in bulk quantity as this usually drives the unit cost down considerably. However, note that the batteries in these devices are fairly low capacity so if you leave them in storage for any length of time, make sure you give them a good charge prior to handing them out – the last thing you want is the battery going dead halfway through the video playing. They usually come with a standard USB type-B connection so end users will be able to charge them up when they eventually go flat (including a USB cable adds little to the overall cost and is worth doing).
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