Overview – Trade shows

A trade show (or trade fair) is an exhibition for organisations in a specific industry sector to showcase and demonstrate their products and services. Trade shows for employees provide opportunities to see, touch and discuss the organisation’s products and services. This keeps employees abreast of latest information and developments.

Display booths and marketing material for external trade shows usually require an investment in print, audio-visual and face-to-face communication. This material is often suitable for internal tradeshows thereby extending its value and application. In addition, some elements of the external tradeshow, e.g. flyer, branded giveaways, etc. can be used in conjunction with an employee conference, roadshow, family open day, town hall meeting or leaders forum.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Raising employees’ enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, the organisation.
Bringing employees up to speed on the organisation’s latest products and services.
Showing employees how the organisation is marketing itself to the public.
Providing employees with marketing collateral, such as giveaways, to take home and share with others.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine the desired outcome of presenting an internal trade show or using elements of external tradeshow material for specific communication purposes.
Synchronise the tradeshow event with times or occasions when large numbers of employees are gathered together, such as a conference, roadshow etc.
Choose the right people to staff the tradeshow display, ensuring they are fully briefed and able to answer employees’ questions. Provide display staff with colourful T-shirts, caps or scarves so they can be easily identified.
Ideas to spark employees’ interest in the tradeshow material include Live demonstrations, souvenir giveaways, prize drawings, competitions, and refreshments.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Develop a publicity program to raise employees’ interest and curiosity about the tradeshow display. At the event, use the opportunity to also canvass employees’ opinions about any products and services in the development phase. Show prototypes of new products on the display stand. Survey employees’ reactions and opinions as input for the next round of research and development.
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