Overview – Tent cards

Tent cards are made from cardstock that is folded in a manner resembling a tent. This enables the cards to sit upright on a flat surface. Tent cards are a useful communication tactic. With two or three printable sides in either landscape or portrait format, the design possibilities of tent cards create the potential for conveying simple messages in unusual and interesting ways. The design of tent cards ranges from a simple half-fold format to more sophisticated styles. For example, cut-out or pop-up pieces at the top section of the fold can convey a message with maximum impact.

Tent cards vary in size from small (3 panels of 148 x 60mm) to large (3 panels of 210 x 148mm). As self-supporting structures, tent cards must be printed on a heavyweight material, such as 420gsm card-stock. Lamination is an optional extra that provides for durability and long-life.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Presenting simple messages in an eye-catching way.
Conveying information at meetings, presentations, seminars, conferences, displays, and trade shows.
Displaying key messages on a level surface in high-traffic locations such as reception areas, staff cafeteria, gym, meeting rooms, or on employees’ desks or computers.

cloudyThings to consider:


Make a simple tent card by using one of the many templates on the Web. For example, there’s a template for tent cards in Microsoft PowerPoint. Simply select the Office button, click ‘New’, then click ‘More Categories’, then ‘Name and place cards’, then ‘Numbered table tents’ or ‘Meeting name cards (3-fold)’ and click ‘Download’.
Source a graphic designer to create innovative tent card shapes and formats to capture employees’ interest. For example, the top section of the tent card can be cut out from the back fold like pop-ups in children’s books.
For optimum results, opt for heavyweight material such as artboard and choose a thick, bold, large font. Check your organisation’s style guide for recommended fonts and colour usage.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Tent cards are effective when the graphics are impactful and text is kept to a minimum. Use carefully crafted, compelling copy to ensure clarity of meaning and capture of employees’ attention.
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