Overview – Screensavers

Corporate screensavers deliver real-time messages onto employees’ computer screens. Screensavers let you take advantage of equipment you already have to display visual communications throughout your organisation. Dedicated screensaver messaging tools allow you to quickly set up, target, schedule and sequence content for specific employee groups.

Screensaver messaging tools can also allow users to interact with the messages and to follow hyperlinks to further information. Screensaver messages can also be displayed on plasma screens located in central locations, such as factory floors or lunch rooms.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Promoting the company vision, values and goals.
Corporate branding.
Advertising staff offers and events.
Advertising employee training programs.
Displaying reminders for upcoming deadlines.
Providing visual countdowns (e.g. to product launches).
Making staff aware of new information on the intranet.
Promoting company-wide initiatives such as wellness programs.
Showcasing corporate sponsorships.
Security and other policy reminders.
Celebrating successes.

cloudyThings to consider:


Use eye-catching images, PowerPoint and Flash to capture attention.
Using a series of screensavers to build a story can also be very effective.
Embed hyperlinks to drive staff to further information.
Use screensavers as ‘teasers’ for wider initiatives such as staff surveys, town hall meetings etc.
Use reporting tools to help you understand employee exposure to, and interaction with, screensaver messages.
To increase the window of communication, ask IT to reduce the default time before screensavers start and to increase the time before computers go into power-save mode.
Use stock photography sites to find images to enhance your messages.

Tone BulbHelpful tips:


Your IT team can change employee screensavers using Group Policy or use dedicated messaging tools to publish screensavers yourself. If possible, target screensaver messages to specific employee groups based on their likely interests and needs.
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