Overview – Roadshows

Roadshows are tours to centres of large employee populations by the CEO and/or senior leaders for communication purposes. Roadshows ‘take the message to the people’. They are an effective tactic for informing and motivating employees in a face-to-face environment. This provides opportunities for employees to ask questions directly related to their concerns, and to engage directly with leaders and each other. These sessions can be supported by audio-visual and printed material for take-away purposes.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Providing employees with organisational updates in a ‘live’ environment that affords opportunities to ask questions.
Inspiring employees about the challenges ahead.
Connecting leaders to employees from across dispersed operations in a face-to-face environment.
Enabling employees in remote locations to feel a valued part of the organisation.
Communicating with shift-workers by scheduling a series of roadshows at different times of the day.

cloudyThings to consider:


Use the chosen theme/issue to guide program format, speaker selection, presentation content, venue set-up, invitations and post-event evaluation.
Get the timing right both in terms of demands on leaders’ schedules and demands on the target audience’s work commitments.
Keep presentations concise.
Hold a dress rehearsal to identify any gaps or weaknesses.
Avoid a one-way download of information by incorporating opportunities for employees to engage with the presenters and each other.
Liven up the proceedings by varying the program format to maintain the audience’s interest through the use of video, panels, interactive sessions, etc.
Use music and colourful imagery to motivate, inspire and engage.
Start your roadshow with the least challenging audience and progress to your toughest audience last. By then, your presentation content and style will be well honed.
Provide access to the presentations via the intranet.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Brief all leaders beforehand on the criticality of role-modelling the desired organisational behaviours at all times throughout the roadshows. During such events, leadership behaviour is under close scrutiny by employees. They watch leaders’ behaviour and body language closely. They listen intently to what leaders are saying, both on and off the stage.
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