Puzzle cubes are solid cube-shaped blocks divided into a number of miniature cubes that can be pivoted and rotated to form different images and words. A standard puzzle cube measures 5.7cm on each side. In a typical puzzle cube, each of the six faces is covered by up to nine stickers that form a complete image or word. A pivot mechanism enables each face to turn. This mixes up the images and the words. The puzzle is solved when the complete image or word is re-formed.

Within organisations, puzzle cubes can be used to convey messages in an informative and challenging way. They also provide a handy construct to help employees make the connections and see the inter-relationships between parts of a complex organisational system or process.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


 Applying a kinaesthetic approach to foster employee awareness about a new initiative.
 Showing the interconnections between parts of an organisational system or process. For example, the causal relationships between the organisation’s Customer Service Principles and customer satisfaction ratings.
 Stimulating creativity and interaction at off-sites or conferences.
 Building brand awareness when used as a give-away.

cloudyThings to consider:


Establish the puzzle cube’s purpose: is it a communication tactic to use as an interactive ice-breaker or branded giveaway?
Determine if the intent is to show the interconnections between parts of an organisational system, process or value chain. For example, the interconnections might include:
– How satisfied employees make satisfied customers, which in turn makes satisfied shareholders.
– How the organisation’s values are connected to desired behaviours, which in turn are connected to the desired organisational culture.
Define the messages to be conveyed on the puzzle cube.
Select suitable words and imagery.
Produce a mock-up of the puzzle cube.
Source a supplier for design and production.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


The complexities of producing puzzle cubes mean it’s often better to source them from external suppliers. You can find local producers by Googling any of the following: “Promotional cubes” “Printed magic cubes” “Magic cubes”  “Magic puzzle cube” and “Folding cubes”
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