Overview – Postcards/e-cards

Postcards are a rectangular piece of thick paper or light-weight cardstock. They are intended for writing brief messages and distributing without an envelope. An e-card is similar to a postcard with the primary difference that it is created and sent using digital technology.

Postcards can be sent to employees as one element of a broader communication program. Or they can be provided to employees for them to distribute as they see fit. E-cards are usually distributed via email and are considered to be more environment-friendly than paper formats. The digital format of e-cards makes them more versatile in terms of presentation content. They can be easily sent to many people at once or personalized by the sender.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Reinforcing key messages pertaining to specific change programs or initiatives.
Promoting the organisation’s values.
Undertaking regular employee surveys to source fast, tick-the-box feedback on specific topics.
Promoting employee recognition and acknowledgment by peers and leaders.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine the desired outcome of using the postcard or e-card format. Potential uses include:
– Invitations to forthcoming events.
– Reinforcing key messages of major programs. For example, the new customer service principles: what they are, what they mean, and why they’re important to customers, etc.
– Reminders of required behavior during festive seasons.
– Providing a quick pulse- check on specific issues. Regularly distribute cards to a random sample of employees with a tick-the-box format on one side and return address on the other.
Create an impactful design tailored to the postcard or e-card format that meets corporate identity guidelines.
Provide the contact details of a designated person to contact for further information, if necessary.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Include a tear-off postcard on the back page of the organisation’s newsletter so employees can submit their ideas, suggestions or feedback about a topic. Print the address on one side of the postcard (include a postage stamp if required). On the reverse side, create a simple layout for employees to write their name, location, and idea. The most viable suggestions/ideas can be published in a variety of tactics.
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