Overview – Performance dashboards

Performance dashboards comprise simple visual icons for quickly conveying key data about current organisational performance, similar to dashboards in a car or aeroplane. They provide employees with information to optimise performance. Dashboards target highly specific areas related to achievement of organisational objectives or key performance indicators (KPIs), e.g. improving customer service ratings or increasing productivity.

Performance dashboards convey the ‘hard facts’. This information comprises data and statistics that track current performance against desired performance. The purpose of this tactic is to motivate employees to make informed decisions and initiate collaborative actions to quickly close performance gaps or address shortfalls. Delivering performance dashboard information electronically (e.g. by email, on screensavers, on a desktop or mobile apps) ensures it reaches employees in a timely manner for fast, responsive action. Alternatively, use hard-copy.

Tactics such as e-zines and newsletters can complement performance dashboards with human-interest stories that provide background or context to the dashboard data.

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Communicating information that conveys facts, statistics, research data, survey findings, best-practice benchmarks, customer/client feedback, upgraded processes and calls to action to optimise performance in specific areas.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine the performance criteria critical to the achievement of core organisational objectives or KPIs.
Ascertain the data and facts used to measure the selected performance criteria.
Compile a list of data sources and subject matter experts for sourcing relevant information.
Define who needs to receive the performance dashboards. This can include every employee whose work contributes to the end-result in some way.
Establish a process for all relevant information to be sent to a central source for production of the performance dashboards. This minimises duplication of effort and provides a single and authoritative source of timely information.
Ensure content meets the criteria: time-sensitive and performance-focused.
Provide the contact details of subject matter experts for employees who require further information.

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Ensure performance dashboards are accurate and timely so they function as a reliable source of information. Employees must be able to trust the information they receive to have confidence in acting on it decisively. Employees also need to be able to digest the facts quickly. This requires a reader-friendly layout, such as color-coded icons with red for ‘negative’, amber for ‘alert’, and green for ‘positive’.
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