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Tent cards are a useful communication tactic. With two or three printable sides in either landscape or portrait format, the design possibilities of tent cards create potential for conveying simple messages in unusual and interesting ways.

Townhall meetings are large-scale employee gatherings held in suitable premises including townhalls, conference centres, football stadiums, marquees or hotel ballrooms. They are generally hosted by the leadership team.

A tradeshow (or trade fair) is an exhibition for organisations in a specific industry sector to showcase and demonstrate their products and services.

Visual metaphor maps represent a key organisational concept, change initiative or new strategy as a visual metaphor to shift employee understanding and mind-sets. The map process takes employees on a journey from point A to point B.

Voicemail, sometimes called messagebank, is a centralised system of managing telephone messages for employee groups. A voice message is recorded on employees’ telephones and is accessible via the telephone network.

Walkabouts are often referred to as ‘Management by Walking About’. They provide inter-personal, individually targeted, face-to-face communication by a leader at an employee’s work-station to build understanding and rapport.

Wallet cards are the size of a credit card. They are often printed and laminated on both sides. Their small, compact size makes wallet cards a useful tactic for communicating important information in a concise, ready-reference format.

Webcasts are the transmission of live or pre-recorded presentations via the internet or intranet to any PC connected to the internet/intranet. Webcasts communicate information directly to employee groups of any size in multiple locations.

A website is a collection of informational web pages. They can comprise text, images, videos or other digital assets. Website pages are logically connected according to the users’ communication needs with a consistent look and feel.

Whistleblower hotlines are a communication tactic to identify and address behaviour or practices that may compromise the organisation’s values, standards, policies or procedures.

Wiki is publishing software that allows many users to simultaneously create, revise, add to and edit online content directly from their browser in real time (‘wiki’ is Hawaiian for ‘quick’). Wikis facilitate the free flow of information.