Notes or cards are rectangular-shaped, high-quality paper or card stock, either single sheet or folded, with matching envelopes. They can be pre-printed with relevant information and imagery, including the organisation’s name and logo. When hand-written, notes or cards convey a high level of personal involvement and respect by the sender.
Occasions that warrant handwritten notes include the following:
– Thanking an employee for their noteworthy service or excellent achievements.
– Acknowledging outstanding ‘above-and-beyond’ commitment and dedication.
– Expressing appreciation to volunteers for their personal contribution to a campaign.
– Follow-up acknowledgement after resolution of a challenging situation.
– Special-occasion notes for exceptional circumstances.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Building depth of rapport.
Conveying a high level of personal involvement and respect.
Expressing appreciation or thanks.
Acknowledging employee dedication and commitment.
Congratulating employees on outstanding achievements.

cloudyThings to consider:


Purchase note-paper or cards from your stationery supplier, or have a range of cards pre-printed with your organisation’s name and logo.
Develop a number of messages that reinforce the values you espouse as a leader. Tailor those core messages to suit the particular circumstances of the employee to whom you are writing. A few well-chosen words can have a lasting effect on the recipient.
Produce a special card for mailing to employees’ homes to celebrate a major event or achievement.
Implement a system that coordinates with any recognition events operating across your area. Ask your direct reports to send you a list of the employees they recognised at their recognition events. Send a note or card to those employees to further reinforce dedicated efforts and outstanding commitment in your unit.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Set aside a regular time in your communication calendar or diary to write notes or cards. Assigning an hour or so a week to the task ensures the job gets done. Keep a stock of cards and the recipient list in your briefcase to make the most of the spare moments, such as travelling time. Your employees will appreciate your efforts.
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