Overview – Newslines

Newslines are a dedicated telephone information line updated daily or weekly with organisational news for access by any employee at any time. The two-to-four minute recorded messages are accessed by dialling a toll-free number from any telephone at any site or location within a country. Newslines can be used in conjunction with SMS text messaging to inform employees of the availability of new content and the appropriate number to call.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Providing a ubiquitous means for the target audience to access current and important news from any telephone, anywhere, at any time.
Communicating with field staff or employees who do not have easy or frequent access to the intranet or email.
Conveying urgent organisational news, such as critical operational updates and changes, or news on the organisation’s response to major issues such as natural disasters.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine the function a Newsline would fulfil in your communication program.
Define the target audience.
Select your telecommunications service provider and set up the facility.
Establish frequency of your Newsline information service.
Determine the production schedule for writing, recording and uploading information.
Appoint someone with a clear and pleasant speaking voice to record the messages.
Record messages between 120 and 150 seconds in length for optimum effectiveness.
Promote the launch of this tactic by running a competition to name your Newsline service.
Send an SMS/text to employees if a special or emergency message is uploaded outside the regular update schedule.
Provide listeners with contact details of relevant people for further information.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Enhance the effectiveness of Newslines in the following ways: Constantly promote the Newsline number to employees via a variety of communication tactics. Update the news frequently, either daily or weekly. If weekly, do it on the same day each week so your audience knows when to call. Take due precautions around the inclusion of confidential or sensitive information.
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