Overview – Leaders forums

Leaders forums are a series of conferences solely for the organisation’s leaders (suggested definition of a ‘leader’ in this context is anyone who manages three or more employees). Leaders forums aim to ensure leaders’ knowledge and skills stay abreast of changes in the organisational landscape, economic climate, market sector and competitive threats and latest research thinking and trends on effective leadership. Leaders forums provide opportunities for cross-functional interaction and engagement in both a structured and serendipitous way.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Mobilising leaders around a focused agenda.
Reporting on organisational performance, strategy and plans.
Identifying critical organisational issues, and leaders’ roles in addressing them.
Engendering consistency of leadership behaviour and messages.
Encouraging relationships between siloed divisions by fostering connections and networks.
Informing leaders of latest trends and developments in leadership competencies to raise their skill levels.

cloudyThings to consider:


Establish desired outcome: how will leaders and the organisation benefit from leaders forums?
Develop a theme that reinforces the desired outcome.
Set the budget, determine the schedule, select venue, compile the participant list, determine optimum means of sending invitations, and manage the RSVP list.
Provide leaders with pre-reading so they come to the forums with a shared understanding of the key areas of focus.
At the venue, set up the room cabaret-style rather than theatre-style. Seating leaders in mixed groups at round tables signals an expectation of interaction, collaboration and group discovery.
Use lapel mics so the speakers can roam among the audience rather than remain fixed behind a lectern.
Provide opportunities for follow-on sessions by the next layer of management. This helps show how the CEO’s vision and key messages for the organisation align with the goals and objectives of individual departments and teams.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Schedule leaders forums immediately after the announcement of the half-year and full-year results. This provides a timely opportunity to review progress, and identify gaps and shortfalls, develop solutions to address gaps, agree on priorities for the next six months and beyond, define next steps and give a priority ‘call to action’.
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