Overview – Induction program

An Induction program initiates new employees into the ‘Organisation’s Way’. Studies have shown that the initial days of employment are key to an employee learning a new job successfully, adopting the required organisational practices and becoming fully productive more quickly.

Induction programs can include a mix of face-to-face communication at regularly held sessions, printed information packs and online tests to confirm the new employee’s understanding of, and commitment to, key policies and procedures. A takeaway information pack helps orient inductees quickly. Packaged in an organisation branded folder, it can contain company profile, wallet card, employee annual report, acronym buster, glossary etc.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Providing employees with a positive start to their new job.
Expediting employees’ transition from novice to productive.
Inculcating the required work practices, safety standards and codes of conduct.
Clarifying ‘how things get done around here’.
Introducing newcomers to key people, such as CEO, senior leaders and functional support staff.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine the communication mix of your induction program (face-to-face sessions, printed material, online testing etc.).
Decide the frequency of induction sessions. High recruitment levels may require greater frequency.
Develop an agenda for the face-to-face sessions using a mix of ‘Welcome aboard’ speech, PowerPoint slides, videos, flipchart presentations and ‘Meet and Greet’ opportunities.
Establish a roster of senior leaders to conduct the face-to-face induction sessions. This establishes the ‘human’ face of the organisation and raises the leaders’ profiles.
Prepare a takeaway information pack, including employee handbooks, employee benefit plans, and forms for administration purposes.
Conduct induction programs at both an organisational and team level. When conducted after the organisational induction, team induction affords a timely opportunity to explain how the team’s purpose fits into the overarching goals of the organisation.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Assign a ‘team buddy’ to newcomers so they have someone they can go to for advice and assistance in their first weeks. The role of the buddy is to take the newcomer under their wing and ease their assimilation into the new team. Acknowledge the importance of the team buddy role by reimbursing them for taking the newcomer to coffee or lunch.
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