Overview – Gift boxes

Gift boxes are cardboard or plastic containers for holding a number of items, or ‘gifts’. Their application as a communication tactic lies in using these ‘gifts’ to embody or represent aspects of key corporate messages. For example, a set of creative games might be included in a gift box to reinforce ‘Creativity’ as a core organisational value. The gift objects communicate such messages in impactful, interesting, informative and surprising ways.

Gift boxes can be branded with the organisation’s name and logo, as well as key words or phrases that reflect the purpose for which they are being used. Gift boxes have visual impact through the use of colour, imagery and text to convey the desired messages. They also have kinaesthetic value because the objects can be handled and used in a purposeful way.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Reinforcing core messages, e.g. the organisation’s vision, that is conveyed in other communication tactics.
Building meaning around the organisation’s values.
Promoting a forthcoming conference or off-site.
Sparking creativity during a strategy workshop.
Assisting employees relocate to their new premises.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine what you want employees to learn or experience from the gifts.
Brainstorm ideas for objects that represent or embody an aspect of your key message and will fit into a medium-sized box.
For example, you might want to welcome employees to their new premises by having a gift box on their desks when they first arrive. As a welcome gesture, and to reinforce the value of relocating, the gift box might include:
– ‘Welcome’ card signed by the CEO with a message re-affirming the organisational benefits of relocation.
– Pack of business cards with employees’ new contact details.
– A chocolate egg to represent new beginnings.
– A map of the local area.
– List of nearby shops for takeaway food, pharmacy, newsagent (with vouchers from shops, if feasible).
Purchase boxes and objects.
Pack and deliver.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Choose a box size, shape and design to suit your needs. You can purchase ready-made boxes from thrift stores in a variety of sizes, colours and designs. If you require a large number of boxes, consider having them designed and produced with your corporate colours, branding and key messages.
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