Overview – Gamification

Enterprise gamification is a combination of online quizzes and  employee competitions to track and reward employee behaviour. Its purpose is to drive certain behaviours and to encourage healthy competition between employees. Key elements of gamification include leader boards, achievement badges, points and prizes.

Introducing game techniques into the enterprise can motivate employees to perform specific behaviours. It can also improve morale and excitement around tasks, projects and job roles.
In essence, gamification is taking ‘employee of the month’ to another level.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Enhancing training and continued education.
Fostering and sustaining behaviour change.
Motivating and educating employees in a fun way.
Providing credit and thanks to employees who complete tasks ahead of or on schedule.
Reinforcing key messages.
Encouraging two-way communication and collaboration. For example, use gamification to encourage staff to come up with cost-saving ideas.

cloudyThings to consider:


Clearly define the need for, and objectives of, gamification.
Which tools will be used for gamification? Options include; desktop or electronic quizzes, status, points and badges for participation in internal social media or offline quizzes.
Ensure the gamification rules are well defined for employees.
Winning a badge may not be enough to encourage behaviour change. Financial incentives and prizes may be more appropriate, e.g. event tickets and gift baskets.
Should employees compete as individuals or teams?
Participation is key. How will gamification programs be promoted before, during and after the program?
How will winners be recognised? Which communication tactics will be used for this?

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Employee quizzes are a simple way to implement gamification strategies within the organisation. Include humorous options and questions in quizzes to engage employees. Embed research links into quizzes to build employee capability.
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