Overview – Flyers

Flyers are single-page leaflets for quick access and easy reference to essential information. They vary in size from A4 (letter size), A5 (half A4), or DL (compliment slip size). Flyers are an effective tactic for conveying information on a single, specific topic, such as a new product or service, a sponsorship initiative or event, etc. Flyers might also include a list of supplementary sources of information or a summary of key points about the topic.

Flyers can be produced quickly and efficiently by using in-house desktop publishing systems and/or commercial printing services. Flyers can be distributed by hand in offices or at events, posted on notice boards, included as inserts in the organisation’s magazine or newsletter, or mailed in envelopes.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Promoting new products, services, initiatives, sponsorship or employee benefits.
 Inserting supplementary information in the organisation’s magazine or newsletter, induction packs, letter to employees’ homes, etc.
 Summarising key facts for induction or displays.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine if a flyer would fulfil a valuable role in your communication program. Suggested uses for flyers include:
– Highlights of the quarterly results with further information available on the intranet.
– Reminder notices about a forthcoming event or initiative such as completion of the annual culture survey.
– Message from a new leader outlining priorities and objectives.
– Promoting new employee benefits.
Write, edit and design content to suit the flyer format.
Produce the flyer in-house or source external graphic designers and printers.
Distribute as required.
Evaluate communication effectiveness of the flyer with a quick follow-up survey.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Use flyers as part of a suite of communication tactics for major communication programs, rather than as a stand-alone tactic. Ensure there is the consistency of branding, theme and messaging across all tactics. This makes it easier for employees to determine how the flyer content relates to other elements within the communication program. The easier it is for employees to do this, the more effective is the communication.
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