Overview – Employee Collaboration tools

Online Employee Collaboration tools (sometimes referred to as Enterprise Social Networks) are useful for encouraging collaboration between inter-departmental teams, and smaller groups working on a project. They are usually used to help people work together to achieve a common goal or objective. There are many online collaboration tools available, with new ones launching often so it pays to invest the time in choosing one that will best fit in with your business needs and collaboration goals.


Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:

 Encouraging collaboration between different parts of the business (breaking down silos).
 Getting decisions made quickly by cutting out un-necessary ‘reply all’ emails.
 Encourages active discussion where everyones opinion is heard, as opposed to a meeting where the loudest voice gets heard.

cloudyThings to consider:

 Collaboration tools are useful for employee to employee communications, they are not useful for important business to employee communication as that information is likely to be missed.
 Establish some clear guidelines on type of language to use, usually collaboration tools tend to use less formal language so ensure that is right for your company.
 Consider how you intend rolling out the collaboration software to staff, is it optional, required? If everyone is required to install it (or have it installed for them) make sure the application gets loaded into the startup sequence of the computer so staff don’t miss any notifications.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:

When looking for a collaboration tool, make sure you look for one that integrates with the apps and software you currently use (or intend using). The tool should also be compatible with all the file types your organisation uses.
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