Overview – Electronic surveys and polls

Electronic surveys and polls are useful for taking the pulse of the organisation and enabling staff to provide feedback. Electronic survey software applications are available online at little or no cost (e.g. Surveymonkey, Surveygizmo and Zoomerang). Online survey links can be emailed to employees. Survey features are also available for most intranet platforms. Software from providers such as SnapComms push visually branded surveys directly onto employees’ computer screens and mobile devices as pop-up notifications.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Engagement and satisfaction surveys.
Benchmarking employee understanding and perceptions.
Gathering staff feedback, opinions and ideas.
Identifying problem areas within the organisation.
Understanding the effectiveness of communication channels and tactics.
Tracking opinions during organisational change.
Measuring the impact of specific communication campaigns.
Measuring the effectiveness of training and events.
Measuring progress against goals.

cloudyThings to consider:


Should survey entries be confidential/anonymous? If so, make this clear to employees.
Plan communications to provide context to surveys.
Pre-test large surveys and adapt questions based on learning prior to full roll-out.
Are surveys opt-in, pre-selected sampling or compulsory?
For opt-in surveys, beware of self-select bias.
Do paper-based versions of the survey need to be created for offline staff?
Should reminders be sent to employees who do not participate? How often?
Include open-ended answer options to allow employees to provide additional insight.
Ensure long surveys have a ‘save and continue later’ feature.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Brand and promote surveys to ensure high participation rates and therefore more statistically accurate results. Offer incentives, such as a prize draw, for survey completion. Communicate quickly the survey results and the actions being taken.
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