Electronic quizzes, which are similar to paper-based quizzes, are available on webpages or as interactive desktop alerts. They are useful for reinforcing messages, increasing employee knowledge and keeping employees motivated and engaged.

Electronic quiz-maker software applications are available online for little or no cost (search for ‘online quiz makers’). Quiz options are also available with some intranet platforms. Software is available to deliver targeted electronic quizzes to computer screens and mobile devices as visual, graphical pop-up notifications with recurrence options based on completion.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Reinforcing key messages.
Measuring capability.
Reinforcing training.
Measuring the effectiveness of training.
Benchmarking and setting standards.
Influencing attitudes with ‘scenario’ quizzes.
Creating healthy competition between employees.
Motivating staff with fun competitions.

cloudyThings to consider:


People typically forget 80% of what they have learned after 30 days if it is not reinforced. Use quizzes as a useful reinforcement aid.
Ensure the quiz rules are clear and communicated well.
Apply themes and logos to quizzes to keep them fresh and interesting.
Promote quizzes before they are run to build interest.
After completion, publicize the winners in relevant media.
Points to consider for your quiz campaign include the following: Should employees see their individual score and the correct answers after they have submitted their entry? Should employees be able to participate more than once? Should reminders be sent to employees who do not participate? How often? What prizes should be offered? One big prize or multiple smaller prizes? How will winners be selected? First correct entries or a random selection of correct entries?

Tone BulbHelpful tip: 


Prizes do not need to be expensive. Movie or event tickets and gift vouchers are good options. Check whether company sponsorship’s provide ‘freebies’ that you can use as prizes. Where appropriate, include humorous options in multi-choice questions to keep quizzes light-hearted and fun for staff.
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