Overview – E-zines

E-zines are electronic, email or online magazines or newsletters, an e-zine may be online only, or may be the online version of a hard-copy newsletter or magazine. E-zine formats can include text, graphics, photos, embedded links, video links and animated headers. E-zines are effective tactics when their content facilitates information flow to improve employees’ job performance.

Regular features and sections, such as a leader’s column, letters to the editor and organisational calendar, help create and sustain employee interest. Distribution can be direct to employees or via managers who may wish to include relevant information before on-forwarding.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Consolidating multiple communications (such as emails) into a regular round-up of relevant information.
Informing, updating or educating employees.
Sharing the activities and news from one division across the wider organisation.
Building a sense of community.
Reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint by minimising paper consumption.
Reinforcing and promoting information and messages in other communications tactics such as the intranet.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine the e-zine’s purpose: how will it contribute to improving the organisation’s performance?
Establish the publication schedule.
Design your e-zine format so it is consistent with the organisation’s corporate identity, well laid out and easy to read. Use templates and publishing rules for consistency.
Target and distribute relevant content to specific audience segments, e.g. by business units, hierarchical levels, sites or offices, states or countries.
Keep distribution lists up-to-date.
Keep articles short. Use simple words and short paragraphs with hyperlinks to more information.
Employ attention-getting subject-headers to inform readers about must-read content in each issue.
Produce a content list as clickable (hyperlinked) headlines.
Monitor readership, survey readers and continuously improve the e-zine.
Implement a way for employees to submit articles.
Deliver and promote the e-zine using other communication tactics (not just email).

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


E-zine content can include the following:
Latest news re products, services, processes, projects, programs etc.
Organisational updates
Daily calendar of events
Round-up of media coverage
Management memos
Knowledge sharing
Tip for the day
Advice to promote employee safety and well-being
Inspirational quote.
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