Overview – Displays

Displays are information stands or information booths that showcase products, technologies, divisions, services or initiatives to raise employee awareness and understanding. Displays utilise a variety of communication techniques and methods, including print material, imagery, scale models, flow charts, LED screens, and take-away materials to convey important information.

Displays can be an innovative and interactive way to impart information and create employee awareness. Displays are usually located where large numbers of interested or impacted employees congregate.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Creating awareness about new projects, products, programs, initiatives, business units etc.
Providing a historical overview to celebrate a major milestone.
Presenting information as a ‘backgrounder’ to set the scene for a conference or major event.
Aggregating important facts and data in a creative and visual way to reduce information overload.
Induction programs.
Graduate briefing sessions.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine the desired outcome of mounting a display.
Use displays in conjunction with employee events, such as conferences or road shows. Alternatively, locate displays in high-traffic areas to capture employee interest.
Employ the services of staff well-versed in the new product, system or initiative to answer employees’ questions at the display stand.
Create interest and excitement by giving away desirable and relevant branded goods.
Increase interest levels by running a competition relevant to the display content and offering great prizes.
Distribute flyers or wallet cards at the display to reinforce key messages or provide sources for more detailed information.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Maximise your investment in displays by using demountable mobile display stands where possible. This allows for a multiplicity of uses at a variety of locations. For example, the display material can be easily transported as part of a roadshow. Or the display stands can be re-used by other departments or functions for their specific communication purposes. Alternatively, display stands can be hired from local suppliers.
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