A desktop news feed or ‘ticker’ is a narrow window of moving text displayed at the bottom of an employee’s computer screen. Typically desktop tickers include short updates and the headlines of longer articles (available by a hyperlink). The text within the ticker moves at a moderate pace, allowing the reader to scan headlines while working on other things.

Ticker headlines can be clicked to direct employees to further information on the intranet or to open more comprehensive message windows. Desktop news feeds are a particularly useful communication tactic for contact centre employees.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Intranet updates.
Breaking news.
System outages and status updates.
Emergency communications.
Advice about new policies and resources.
Updates on competitor activity and industry changes.
Sales campaign motivation.
Company and team performance updates.
The latest press release headlines.
Warnings (e.g. fraud alerts, security breaches).
Sudden changes that require employees’ quick responses (e.g. an immediate change in pricing plans or product availability).

cloudyThings to consider:


Establish the purpose of the news feed in your internal communication mix.
Determine which employee target groups should receive which types of messages.
Determine the running length and speed of the ticker.
Set the desktop ticker to publish for when most people will be available and able to view information.
Decide whether to let the ticker headlines reappear at intervals if the user has not clicked embedded links.
Decide which users, if any, should be able to set up ‘snooze’ options which defer messages when they are particularly busy.
Decide whether to incorporate intranet RSS feeds, write your own headlines or both.

Tone BulbHelpful Tips:


Craft effective and compelling headlines to tempt readers to click the link. Make use of simple words and colour contrast within the ticker. Images and icons can be used within the ticker to classify information and attract attention.
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