Overview – Conferences

Conferences are briefing sessions held once or twice a year to communicate relevant information to defined employee groups. Content may focus on the following areas: Organisational review and market updates, evaluating progress and identifying performance gaps, agreeing on a course of action and defining next steps, leadership endorsement of a major change program, reinforcing the vision, mission, strategy and values, raising the visibility of the leadership team and providing opportunities for cross-functional interaction and engagement.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Re-focusing employee efforts on key priorities.
Communicating complex issues that require broad discussion and employees’ commitment and support.
Creating a sense of unity and ‘one team’ across a geographically dispersed workforce.
Celebrating milestones and outstanding achievements.
Re-energising and motivating employees for new challenges ahead.
Brainstorming ideas and developing action plans to address identified issues.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine the desired outcome: how will the conference benefit both the organisation and employees?
Define the target audience and compile the invitation list.
Create a theme that underscores the purpose of the conference, e.g. a team-sports theme for a conference focusing on ‘Teamwork’.
Select the conference format, venue, guest speakers, interactive exercises and informal activities to reinforce your theme.
Develop a run-sheet of all the event-management elements.
Distribute invitations to participants and compile the RSVP list.
Hold a run-through session with speakers several days beforehand to identify any problems or gaps.
Arrange for an audio/sound/IT technician to be present throughout the conference.
Provide name tags if appropriate.
Produce an online video of the conference and send to employees who are unable to attend.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Ensure the conference is not a one-way download of information by the speakers. Provide plenty of opportunities for participants to engage in interactive exercises and open forum sessions to foster information exchange, networking and peer dialogue
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