Overview – Competitions

Competitions encourage employees to participate in some form of activity that seeks to find the best solution for a particular challenge. Competitions pitch individuals or teams against each other with the incentive of winning a prize for those judged the winners. Prizes can range from printed certificates to valuable goods.

The communication value of competitions lies in their capacity to arouse employee interest and create awareness about an issue or initiative. Competitions involve employees in finding solutions to a particular challenge associated with a new initiative, such as suggesting a name for the new intranet. This helps foster employee buy-in because they feel they have been given the opportunity to contribute their ideas and knowledge.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Raising awareness about a new initiative that requires a high level of employee participation to be successful, such as a competition to name the annual culture survey.
 Promoting a new product or service.
 Fostering employee buy-in through involvement and engagement.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine opportunities where running a competition would generate greater employee awareness about an initiative or provide a source of diverse ideas and perspectives.
Promote the competition in as many communication tactics as possible, such as eye-catching and impactful posters, e-zine articles and screensavers.
Some suggested ideas for competitions include the following:
– Creating the design for a mural in the office foyer or meeting rooms.
– Suggesting a name for the intranet, newsletter, magazine, new product or service, change program or employee survey.
– Designing a message cube, jigsaw puzzle or board game for a change program or organisational initiative.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Use competitions as a fun team building exercise in addition to promoting greater employee understanding. For example, conduct a trivia session as part of a team off-site. Trivia questions could be based on facts about the organisation’s history, products, services, values or leadership team. This can be both entertaining and informative.
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