Overview – Company profile

A company profile /fact sheets provide background information about an organisation in a convenient, easy-to-read format for informational or ready-reference purposes. They can be produced as stand-alone print publications or posted on the intranet. In addition to providing an overview, fact sheets can be produced with specific purposes in mind. These include:
– Welcoming new employees to the organisation.
– Providing backgrounders for employees to present to new clients, suppliers, media, business partners, etc.
– Articulating the organisation’s overarching purpose and values system as part of the recruitment and induction processes.
– Offering as takeaways at tradeshows etc.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Building awareness and understanding about the organisation: its history, processes, products, services, sites, workforce, culture, and its commitment to employees, customers, investors and the community, etc.
Presenting important facts and data in a creative and visual way to reduce information overload.
Providing a handy reference source of essential information.

cloudyThings to consider:


Determine the intended purpose and develop content accordingly.
Source relevant facts and figures.
Source or commission photos and/or graphic images.
Company profiles generally comprise an overview of the organisation’s ‘story’, such as:
– History, including iconic individuals who made a significant contribution to the organisation.
– Site locations with maps and contact information.
– Services and/or products.
– Production processes.
– Markets and competitive position.
– Employee-related information, including cultural and leadership style, employee benefits and workforce composition.
– Corporate sustainability and community involvement.
– Key differentiators.
– Noteworthy achievements.
– Future prospects.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Avoid making fact sheets text-heavy. Use an engaging mix of visual imagery, including photographs, captions, tables, flowcharts, graphs, timelines, colour and break-out boxes to communicate important facts quickly and with impact.
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