Overview – Briefing kits

Briefing kits are a collection of resources that equip leaders with information, materials and key messages to communicate major organisational change programs. Leaders tailor the content to meet their employees’ specific communication needs. They are sometimes referred to as mission briefings or media kits.

The kits comprise a range of presentation and informational material including communication overview, key talking points, Q&A, communication calendar and templates. Additional material for inclusion in the kits can be provided in accordance with the change communication schedule. It’s helpful to provide the kit recipients with a contact person or intranet site for further details if required. After implementation, assess the effectiveness of the kits in terms of leaders’ take-up and employees’ understanding.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Equipping leaders with resources to communicate key organisational messages effectively with their employees.
 Providing leaders with the opportunity to become fully conversant with the material beforehand so they feel confident in answering employees’ questions and addressing their concerns.
 Ensuring delivery of consistent messages organisation-wide that leaders can tailor to meet their employees’ specific communication needs.

cloudyThings to consider:


Develop the briefing kits as one element of a comprehensive change communication program that includes the definition of key messages and target audiences.
Provide resources in the briefing kits that enable leaders to communicate accurate, consistent, timely and tailored messages to their employees, including:
– Letter from the CEO explaining their expectation of the leaders’ role in the communication process.
– Communication schedule and inventory.
– Change-program overview.
– Key talking points.
– Hard-copy of PowerPoint slides with speaker notes for ready reference purposes.
– CD of the PowerPoint slides.
– Q&A information sheets either as briefing cards or fact sheets.
Create a facility on the intranet where leaders can lodge their concerns or questions to facilitate further knowledge-sharing about the change program.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Present leaders with briefing kits in a face-to-face group meeting. This affords the opportunity to get their buy-in to the change program and support for the messages they are to communicate to their employees. Ensure leaders clearly understand the process and timeline for delivering the messages. Provide sufficient lead-time for leaders to become fully conversant with the material before communicating it to their employees.
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