Overview – Breakfast briefings

Breakfast briefings are regular information sessions held early in the morning to provide employees with opportunities to hear presentations by noteworthy speakers, mostly from within the organisation. Breakfast briefings afford communication and networking opportunities before the normal work day starts, and the tasks of the day consume employees’ attention.

When seating is limited, a webcast of breakfast briefing presentations broadens the internal audience base. Recording, distributing and archiving DVDs of breakfast briefings further extends audience reach while building a library of relevant expertise.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Communicating information by subject matter experts about issues of the day and/or new trends and developments.
Exchanging ideas and insights pertinent to the discussed issues.
Building a subject-specific knowledge base by archiving the presentations on DVD, television and webcasts.
Raising the profiles of key executives.
Reducing potential for conflict with commitments during normal work hours.
Team bonding.

cloudyThings to consider:


Establish the communication purpose of breakfast briefings.
Define the target audience.
Determine a suitable schedule.
Select a venue at, or close to, the workplace.
Develop a potential list of speakers. Ensure they can engage the audience, demonstrate subject-matter expertise and illuminate issues of relevance to employees.
Determine the method of issuing invitations to attend the breakfast briefings. Are breakfast briefings to be promoted widely with attendance on a ‘first-come, first serve’ basis, or is attendance by selected invitation only?
Select a caterer to provide breakfast.
Confirm speaker.
Issue invitations to the target audience and manage RSVP list.
Consider the use of name tags to promote networking.
Provide opportunities for questions at the end of the speaker’s presentation.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Raise the communication effectiveness of breakfast briefings as follows: Choose a relevant subject, is it of interest to the target audience and useful for their work? Select the speakers carefully and promote the sessions well. Publish information about the presentation after the event in tactics such as the intranet, e-zine or newsletter.
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