Overview – Branded goods

Branded goods are merchandise that are labelled with a distinctive organisational logo and/or words. There is a wide variety of goods that can be branded for employee communication purposes including:

Badges, Bumper stickers, Business card holders, Business shirts, Caps, Carry bags, Coffee mugs, Computer memory sticks, Glassware, Jackets, Letter openers, Mobile-phone socks, Motivational books, Pens, rulers, calculators, Scarves, Stationery, Sticky notes, Stress balls, Ties, T-shirts & polo shirts, Umbrellas and Wallets.

Grey TickThis tactic is useful for:


Bonding a new team or department.
Promoting a key initiative.
Rewarding and recognising employees.
Celebrating the achievement of key milestones e.g. first one-million sales.
Creating a sense of unity at an event or conference.

cloudyThings to consider:


Establish the purpose of using branded goods as part of a communication program.
Decide on the desired ‘look and feel’.
Determine the message(s) you want to convey.
Apply corporate identity guidelines for branding information on the goods.
Select a supplier.
Oversee production.
Determine method of distribution and storage facilities, if required.
Publish photographs of employees using the branded goods in ways that reinforce the desired message.

Tone BulbHelpful tip:


Choose branded goods that reflect the brand essence of your organisation, e.g. fun, funky and fashionable; conservative and solid; or something in between. Ensure the quality of the branded goods conveys the right message about your organisation.
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