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Delivery on the external brand-promise builds customer satisfaction and loyalty. To achieve this first requires communication to employees because they are integral to delivering on the external brand-promise.

Ask the leader’ connects employees directly to a leader in a structured and planned way without any filtering. This is a means by which a leader can foster direct, two-way interaction with their employees.

Leader blogs are a means to make senior managers more accessible, to give employees a sense of the leader’s personality and to create a feeling of transparency.

Cloud storage is used to store digital data, such as PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets or audio files.

A desktop alert is an electronic message sent to multiple employee computers. It displays a pop-up message window with text, images and hyperlinks on the screen. Desktop alerts are typically used for messages that have high strategic importance.

A desktop news feed or ‘ticker’ is a narrow window of moving text displayed at the bottom of an employee’s computer screen. Typically desktop tickers include short updates and the headlines of longer articles (available by a hyperlink).

Desktop wallpaper messages are the publication of messages to employees’ computer desktops or wallpaper backgrounds. Software tools are available that allow you to publish messages to employee desktop wallpaper / computer backgrounds.

Digital signage is the display of information on electronic screens in open work spaces and /or on screensavers. The technology enables presentation of multiple video, image and audio formats, live TV, flash media, PowerPoint presentations.

E-zines are electronic, email or online magazines or newsletters. An e-zine may be online only, or may be the online version of a hard-copy newsletter or magazine. E-zine formats can include text, graphics, photos, embedded links and video links.

Electronic quizzes, which are similar to paper-based quizzes are available on webpages or as interactive desktop alerts. Electronic quizzes are useful for reinforcing messages, increasing employee knowledge and keeping employees motivated.

Electronic surveys and polls are useful for taking the pulse of the organisation and enabling staff to provide feedback. Electronic survey software applications are available online for little or no cost.

Email is one of the most widely used forms of business communication. However, the ready availability of mailing lists and use of ‘reply all’ can result in employees receiving unwanted or irrelevant information.

Enterprise gamification is a combination of online quizzes and competitions to track and reward employee behavior. Its purpose is to drive certain behaviors and to encourage healthy competition between employees.

Infographics are a visual presentation of information. They use a mix of useful information and eye-catching images. Infographics are typically more engaging than written media and can easily explain complex topics and relationships.

Instant Messaging (IM) is a form of real-time communication between two or more people based on typed text. The text messages are exchanged via computers connected over a local area network within an organisation or via the internet.

An intranet is an access-restricted website or portal used internally in an organisation. Intranets function as repositories of essential facts and data that employees can retrieve to meet their specific job-related and business-related info needs.

Kiosks are free-standing electronic devices comprising keyboard and/or touch screens that deliver multimedia presentations and pre-programmed services. They address the communication needs of employees.

A ‘mobile app’ is the software that runs on a mobile device. The adoption of smartphone and tablet devices within the enterprise is growing fast. Mobile devices are particularly prevalent in organisations with mobile, remote and field workers.