The Story of Comms Tools

Comms Tools 

Comms toolsCommsTools is an easy-to-use directory, and is an ideal starting point for anybody looking for ideas on how best to communicate to a wider group. It alphabetically lists a wide range of print, digital and face-to-face tactics, with suggestions for when to use each type. The tactics have been divided into three different communication channels, these three channels are Electronic, Face to Face and Print. All tactics will continue to be updated, so the latest information will always be on hand. End-users will also have the ability to add feedback and suggestions to the site, making it a truly collaborative and engaging experience.

Comms Tools begun life as a physical book called Tactics in a Box ‘101 ways to communicate with employees. It was intended as a reference guide for internal communications professionals. It was written by Lorri Lennon back in 2009.  Lorri Lennon is a Business Communications Maven an award-winning advisor, trainer and author in leadership communication. 

Lori later released an updated version of Tactics in a Box in 2012 with help from Sarah Perry (SnapComms). Along with this updated version came 10 new electronic tactics available from SnapComms. 

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SnapComms is a software business that started in Auckland, New Zealand in 2007. Since then the company has grown to over 50 staff in the Auckland office as well as having offices based in the US, UK and a reseller network that spans the globe. 

SnapComms provides an internal communication software solution, producing results for a wide range of clientele across the globe. The solution provides a range of products to solve internal communication issues, such as a desktop ticker, desktop alerts, quiz and survey functions and a staff newsletter.  These can be readily applied to any industry. The software is currently used for Internal Communications in large corporates,  hospital communication, compliance communication and internal branding to name a few. 

SnapComms renamed Tactics in a box to Comms Tools and converted it from a physical book to a responsive website. 

What users of Comms Tools say

“Comms Tools is the best one-stop shop resource an internal communication specialist can have to help develop effective tools and tactics as part of an internal communication strategy. A great tool that I will take to each job with me.” 
Mark Musgrove, Senior Communication Adviser

“It’s a fabulous resource with loads of ideas for those moments when inspiration is required. Much appreciated.”
Jo Curkpatrick, Senior Communication Adviser

“Comms Tools looks great! It’s given us ideas that we can add to what we’re currently doing to make our communications even more effective.” 
Christine Corby OAM, Chief Executive Officer

“Congratulations on the work…simple to follow, easy to read and beautifully laid out. Very very well done.”
Bob Crawshaw, Chief Executive Officer